New Mountain Goat in NA - KG7EJT

KG7EJT, achieved Mountain Goat Status today on Tiffany Mountain in W7W/OK. Tim has only been doing SOTA for about 3 years, perhaps a little more and has just been on fire in the past year.

KG7EJT has completed most of activation with 2 meters only delving into HF in the last year or so…

Congratulations Tim!


Well Done Tim!

Okay, now more HF; all us far-away chasers and activators would like to say Hi as well.

Best, Ken

Cool! Congrats Tim. Pleasure working you last week while I was up playing tourist in your guy’s neck of the woods. I usually monitor 52 simplex while driving and have to say that nowhere else except up in the Pacific Northwest have I had the pleasure of making so many Q’s on .52. Great to work a few of you guys here last week. I was able to make a couple of 2 meter S2S Q’s myself while activating in W7W land! Great job on doing most of it via 2 meters to boot! Now that I’m back home in NorCal, look forward to working you on HF as well…

73, Todd KH2TJ

Congrats Tim! Welcome to the herd. Look forward to an S2S with you on HF in the future!
Mike NS1TA

Congratulations Tim! Always enjoy seeing the photos including your trademark Flag pic!

73, Keith KR7RK

Thanks for the compliments everyone! And of coarse, Special Thank you to all the Chasers - couldn’t have accomplished this without your generous support!
Chris , WX7EMT, Thanks for posting my accomplishment on the reflector.
As Chris mentioned, I started Activations in March 2015, so it’s taken me 2 years and 3 months to accumulate 1000 points. Hopefully many more to follow…

Tim, let me add my voice to the congratulatory messages on your achievement! Welcome to the herd!

Paul K9PM

Congratulation Tim! Baaaaahhhh!!

Dean ~ K2JB

Congrats Tim! Not easy to get SOTA points in Washington when there is still winter snow pack above 6,500 ft! Good job persevering and welcome to the MG herd.

Guy/n7un aka nS0TA

Good job Tim!

Roland KG7FOP

Congrats, Tim. Looking forward to working you on HF. 73


Well done and congratulations.


Thanks Paul!


Thanks Roland!

Comm-gratulations from New Hampshire!
Merle and Herm

Congratulations! Bob AC1Z