New Mountain Goat : F4EGG

Congratulations to Thierry, F4EGG, for reaching the Mountain Goat milestone!

He is going up the French league table very quickly. The top 10 in the F region is going to be interesting going into the summer! Thierry has activated a lot of uniques and previously untouched summits along the way, most of them in the F/AM region.

Well done and gambatte to F4-Tamago!



Congratulations Thiery on your MG achievement,always a pleasure to hear you.Good luck and look forward to many more contacts. 73 Don G0RQL.

FĂ©licitations Thierry et Ă  bientĂ´t en S2S.

Weldone Thierry !!! A bientĂ´t sur de nouveaux sommets !!!
Merci pour les COMPLETES !!!
Vivent les ROUGES !!! (French Joke Between The Blue’s one and the Red’s one :wink: )

Hello Arnaud and very many congratulations to Thierry :sunglasses:

You were both my first contacts with a SOTA activation(s) solar powered station :wink:

Thierry on your recent activations the propagation has not been in my favour so hope to catch up with you soon.

Very best wishes and thanks for past summits.

Well done.


Great to hear from you Mike.
I was wondering what you were up to as we had not heard you last summer.
Solar is not the lightest way to go about it these days but I still love it, I find it a very elegant way to activate.
Last summer was a bust for me with an injured shoulder so I did not activate much sadly.
Japan is proving a bit challenging for various reasons, so not much activation recently.
I’ll be trying again this Saturday…

Anyway, I am off to a Shabu Shabu dinner with Japan SOTA members now :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing on the air again this summer Mike.


Hi Arnaud,
Yes last summer was not a great time for me as well health wise but better now.
Well Shabu Shabu buffet dinner sounds good :wink:
Please pass on my good wishes to Thierry and please remind him that he has to eat a bowl of green food to mark the MG point!
All the best.

Bravo !
Thierry, you are a warrior !
But don’t forget the colour of your team … :wink:
73 QRO

Congratulations Thierry.



Bravo Thierry !
Et vive les Ecrins…
73 Alain F6ENO