New Marilyn in GW

Back in May, both myself and my dad Tom @M1EYP thought we’d activated all the SOTA summits in GW. However it appears that this is now not the case as a new Marilyn has just been found which I am unsure as to whether or not the GW AM Roger @MW0IDX is aware of.

"Re: [pedantic] Rhinog Fach (SH 664 270) – New Marilyn


Chris Watson

Fri 27/08/2021 16:58


Excellent, Myrddyn, how nice to gain a Marilyn rather than lose another!

That should keep my nose above 1000 for a bit longer, especially if I can manage a Marilyn near Fort William in September.

Well done.


On Fri, 27 Aug 2021, 11:35 Myrddyn Phillips via, <> wrote:

With Alan’s recent and ongoing exploration of hills near the P150 mark I thought it time to visit Rhinog Fach (SH 664 270), a hill that has needed an accurate survey for many a year.

Rhinog Fach was listed with an estimated c 147m of drop in the The Hewitts and Marilyns of Wales TACit Tables booklet, and has remained a high (relative to P150) prominence sub ever since.

I surveyed the hill a few days ago, resulting in:

711.6m summit at SH 664 270

560.6m bwlch at SH 665 265

151.0m drop

Alan is in receipt of the details relating to this survey and he has confirmed Rhinog Fach as a new Marilyn.

For more details please see:

Myrddyn Phillips - Mapping Mountains: Rhinog Fach (SH 664 270) – New Marilyn


Myrddyn Phillips
Hill Data and Mountain Surveys"

Jimmy M0HGY


I can not believe this - only last month we finally fought our way up (and down!) Y lliwedd for me to complete GW/NW.


Yes Jimmy, just reading about it this evening. Nice to have another SOTA summit to climb in Wales.


Its a nice picturesque summit, too, and makes a four summit circuit possible, the skyline as seen from Shell Island (Mochras.)


It will be interesting to see if any activators end out doing a circular walk taking in the summits of Moelfre GW/NW-041, Y Llethr GW/NW-017, Rhinog Fach GW/NW-078 and finishing off with Rhinog Fawr GW/NW-023. This looks to be a very long challenging day so I guess only very few activators would do this.

Jimmy M0HGY

I’ve done the walk, Jimmy, but that was so long ago pterodactyls were flying in the cwms! :wink: I’d start with NW-041 and finish coming down the Roman steps to Cwm Bychan.


I fancy that route Jimmy but we need accommodation in the area - not attempting it as a daytrip from home!


The farmer who provided a parking field at the road head in Cwm Bychan used to permit camping but I haven’t been there for about 25 years so things may well have changed. There is Shell Island, of course, but you need to keep an eye on the tides!


I suspect Hugh Grant went up this hill but came down a Marilyn


Yay a unique for me with less than a 600 mile round trip to access it :slight_smile:


Ha, I’ll act as guide to anyone who fancies this one… I activated this for HEMA a few years ago. :laughing:


That’s a point - HEMA will lose it, won’t they. I’m sure the already scored points will remain on record.


The Meddlers did it with Muncaster Fell in England, now Wales. No entity in the UK is safe from their accurate surveying!

White Hill, near Hightown Hill, Scotland, December 1st. Who will be first to activate and first to chase? We will see…

73 Phil

PS Well done on completing Wales Rod. Is that completing as an activator or full SOTA Complete Activator / Chaser? Cannot easily check that from the database, only my own record.


Yes, that one too, but I will never complete GM/SS so that is no problem for us. I don’t think they will have switched over by 11th Sept or we could do it then. (Is the reference to 1st December the change-over date for those?)
Not actually completely activated GW, Phil - missing MW-032 - but have chased all GW. Once Rhinog Fach is listed for SOTA we will no doubt be heading for Dolgellau yet again :smiley:
BTW I was listening for you on Black Hill today and think I heard your 60m CW but absolutely nothing on ssb. From the speed at which you changed band I guess you also heard very little.
Will look out for you in the next day or two.
Enjoy your trip,73,

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Hello Jimmy, tell me what is a Marilyn, explain please?

73 de Geoff vk3sq (currently in lock down vk3)


Have a look at wikipedia:



Thanks for that Peter. Very helpful. Do we have similar in vk?

73 de Geoff vk3sq (in lock down)

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SOTA uses Marilyns as the basis of summit lists, so the Marilyn list for VK is the SOTA list (plus whatever is missing in VK4/6/8


Hi Geoff,

Also look at this wikipedia page:

I am not aware of a similar scheme in common use in VK, other than in Tasmania. Tasmania has a list of summits with a height above sea level of at least 1100 m and a prominence of at least 150 m: The Abels.

By definition, as they have a vertical prominence of at least 150 m, all Marilyns (and Abels - the equivalent in Tasmania) are eligible to be SOTA summits. But they are valid for SOTA only if they are listed on the appropriate SOTA Association list. For example, it is possible that some Abels were missed when VK7 was first introduced, but they should all be on the list by now. Similarly, I have found two previously unidentified summits in Gippsland with the required 150 m prominence and they are expected to be added to SOTA on 1 September 2021. It is a pity that all of VK3 is currently in lockdown, so the new summits will need to wait for the first activations.

Stay safe!


Peter VK3PF


Thanks Andrew and Peter, very informative. :smiley:

73 to you both, stay safe. Geoff (radio is keeping me sane)

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