New LNR prototype TRX

Looks interesting.

This is the first uploaded pic of the new LNR LD-5. It isnt even on our website yet. 5 Bands (40/30/20/17/10). 5W on CW and SSB. SSB/VOX, DSP Filtering included with 3 presets and 1 adjustable. CAT USB logging via USB port. Can’t wait til you guys see the performance of this guy! MSRP will be $575. More pics and technical details to follow.


In reply to G4ISJ:
It sure does Pete, however so did the FX-4 which has yet to materialise despite numerous empty promises from LNR!

Victor GI4ONL

WG0AT gives the LNR a try.


Nice radio, i was hoovering over the add to basket last month but the price is a bit steep £375 in the UK and that is not including the import charge or postage, if the exchange rate was in favour it would be a yes.
But for the moment the Ft817nd at £499 is hard to beat for what it does.


Owning this radio… it’s a bit of an adventure in and of itself.
The manual is scant… looks like a few pages of a powerpoint… ok.

What you realize after a few short mins with the radio is that it’s all fairly intuitive, which is very pleasant… now I haven’t used it for CW or Digital, but I would guess it’s pretty much the same there also.

The RX is excellent, comparison switching my 132ft Carolina Windom from a 756PROIII to the LD-5 has no decernable advantage to either radio… noise cancellation and filtering used on both radios.

I like the front panel controls, even the VFO turns nicely. The LD5 sits nicely on a flat surface and presents the knobs/switches and screen well.

I have an FT817ND with bhi noise cancellation board installed… LD5 RX’s and sounds better than the FT817.
I really like the band-sweep… such a simple feature (but of course it’s the US band-plan, in my radio)
I haven’t taken it on a mountain yet…



6/1/16… Turned the radio on to use it and “it’s Broken”. Audio sounds like its missing part of the processing… Email into LNR for an RMA and 5 days later, I’m still waiting for a response.

Will keep this thread updated…

Richard // N2GBR