New iOS app for FT8/FT4

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Just seen on the digest for QRP Labs in

New iOS app for FT8/FT4
From: Simon
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2023 09:45:57 UTC

Hi everyone,

In case you haven’t seen it yet, there is a new iOS app on the app store for FT8/FT4 called iFTx
The app seems to be in an early stage, costs 2$ and comes with a logging function and works with my QMX (VOX turned on) running firmware 0.6. I’m using an iPhone 14 with a lightning ↔ USB adapter and after that an USB-A ↔ USB-C cable…


For those who are interested :wink:

73, Eric


Merci pour l’info Eric …

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If you want to use this app with a lightning cable directly connected from a Iphone/Ipad to the QMX, the App is working very well on QMX with Firmware version 0.6 but not upper. I assume that is not due to the software but to the QMX firmware … The software is very friendly. Good job from HB9ZHK.
VY 73 Nico


Good news, the last QMX update 017 works very well with FT8/FT4 with a lightning cable. Thank you Hans !!
VY 73 Nico

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Just tried it and had my first FT8 QSO using the iFTx app on my iPhone and my KX2. I particularly like the log section which allows for easy export.

Three cables required:

  • Lightning Cable (or USB-C for newer models) cable to 3.5mm TRRS female
  • 3.5mm TRRS male - 3.5mm TRRS male extension cable
    (allowing for some distance between the rig and the phone)
  • TRRS female splitter into TRS male x2 (Phones & Mic)

One quirk is that the male Mic connector goes into the Phones socket on the KX2 and the Phone male connector goes into the Mic socket on the KX2.

I had to change some settings in the KX2 menu, but the YT Video from KD7DTS was very helpful.

A minimal setup for FT8/FT4 for SOTA or any portable operation.


Hello everyone,

(Had hip surgery a week ago, everything is fine, I’m recovering.
I can’t do radio because it’s cold in the shack, but I can browse the WEB.)

Since yesterday you will be able to find the latest update of the iFTx application (iOS)

73, Eric


Sorry for your health problems, hope you will be able to climb to new summits soon !! Thank you for the info.

PS : je ne sais pas ce queue tu as comme poste. Si tu es ICOM tu peux tester WFV et trafiquer de ton canapé !!! VY 73 Nico

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