New iOS app for FT8/FT4

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Just seen on the digest for QRP Labs in

New iOS app for FT8/FT4
From: Simon
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2023 09:45:57 UTC

Hi everyone,

In case you haven’t seen it yet, there is a new iOS app on the app store for FT8/FT4 called iFTx
The app seems to be in an early stage, costs 2$ and comes with a logging function and works with my QMX (VOX turned on) running firmware 0.6. I’m using an iPhone 14 with a lightning ↔ USB adapter and after that an USB-A ↔ USB-C cable…


For those who are interested :wink:

73, Eric


Merci pour l’info Eric …

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If you want to use this app with a lightning cable directly connected from a Iphone/Ipad to the QMX, the App is working very well on QMX with Firmware version 0.6 but not upper. I assume that is not due to the software but to the QMX firmware … The software is very friendly. Good job from HB9ZHK.
VY 73 Nico


Good news, the last QMX update 017 works very well with FT8/FT4 with a lightning cable. Thank you Hans !!
VY 73 Nico

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Just tried it and had my first FT8 QSO using the iFTx app on my iPhone and my KX2. I particularly like the log section which allows for easy export.

Three cables required:

  • Lightning Cable (or USB-C for newer models) cable to 3.5mm TRRS female
  • 3.5mm TRRS male - 3.5mm TRRS male extension cable
    (allowing for some distance between the rig and the phone)
  • TRRS female splitter into TRS male x2 (Phones & Mic)

One quirk is that the male Mic connector goes into the Phones socket on the KX2 and the Phone male connector goes into the Mic socket on the KX2.

I had to change some settings in the KX2 menu, but the YT Video from KD7DTS was very helpful.

A minimal setup for FT8/FT4 for SOTA or any portable operation.