New in France ... Challenge QRP/p : Km par watt

Hi all

Just for info :

From January 1, 2008 a new program starts in France

NEW QRP’Attitude !

The Radio Nature Balade

Challenge QRP/p : Km par watt

Look on : Challenge QRP

In a few days, the translation is ok in Spanish and German

“come with many ham radio friends of yours to participate”

See you soon next time on the SOTA Pile Up and also on the Challenge QRP Pile Up.


73 Laurent F8BBL

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Hi Mick
Try again please
at this time 59 ham radio registers
73 Laurent F8BBL

Hi Laurent,

I understand that in Continental Europe QRP Dxing from summits is popular using the PMR type 500mW UHF licence free handhelds (PMR446 in the U.K.). I have heard that they have made contacts in excess of 100km using these. To keep within the spirit of the sport (and the law!) they must not be modified, and some enterprising individuals have actually fitted the sets as the driven element in Yagi beams to extend the range. It makes you wonder what could be done with a similar arrangement using 70cm which is also available on some of the licence free handhelds (Telcom etc) !!


Dave G0ELJ

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now the bug corrected
73 laurent f8bbl

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Laurent why not have vhf/uhf on
your qrp challenge, as others can do qrp on these modes/frequencies, is the challenge just open to French stations making the qso’s or anywhere in the world. as you haven’t said,