New here ! Hellos !

Hi, I’m Angela, KK6USN from California, I can’t wait to hit the waves in the cool, crisp air at the Sierra Nevada mountains ! :blush:
…For some reason I can’t upload a profile pic. :neutral_face::wolf:


Welcome onboard, Angela!
Will you be activating on HF?
Will you activate on CW?
I’ll be looking forward to chasing you from the SW of Europe.



You may need to take part in the threads (reading and posting) before you gain enough rights to upload a picture.

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Bienvenida from K6EL. Here’s a pic of you and Chico. Looking forward to S2S contacts when you activate the Tahoe area of W6 & W7-land. Maybe Fred will go along?


Welcome, Angela!
Look forward to working you in the Sierras.
Don’t forget the lovely White Mountains east of Highway 395!
All Best, Ken, K6HPX, and Kay (KE7BGM)

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Welcome, its a great community here.

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Welcome Angela @KK6USN. Greetings from Germany and have fun with SOTA.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Hello Angela, welcome to the SOTA fraternity.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Welcome and hope for a QSO with you.

73 Ludwig

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Ok ! Thank you !

I had a butcher’s in the Users page and it says you are at Level 1 and from the docs

Users at trust level 1 can…

use all core Discourse functions
Upload images and attachments if enabled
Edit wiki posts
Flag posts
have all new user restrictions removed

It’s possible the act of posting and replying in this thread as lifted you up so you can now post a profile pic. Have another attempt and if it doesn’t work then use the PM facility to contact Jim G0CQK and ask for his help.

Jim does an unbelievable amount of administration of this software in the background and knows many tricks, he keeps this all running smoothly and means there’s one less thing for Andrew, Josh and me to worry about.


I’m going there this weekend !!!

Welcome Angela and your QTH is located close to a huge number of peaks.

Have fun and you should be able to make 2m FM contacts down into the Central Valley quite easily.

Good luck with the upgrade to General.