New HB ARM v 1.6

Dear SOTA friends,
since the 1.6.2010 it’s updated the database with the new version of the HB ARM v 1.6.
It needed a long time until we have adapted the dates so that is was correct for the new requirements.
A great thanks to Jürg HB9BAB who has worked all the lists for the regions LU,NW,OW,SZ,UR and VS. An other great thanks to Mario HB9HAT who has found new SOTA summits in the region GR. And i worked the lists in the regions BE and ZH. Thanks to all others OMs whon had bring some proposals for realising the new HB ARM v 1.6.
Some mountains we had to take out from the lists because of less shallow col vertical clearance.

Enjoy the SOTA programm

vy 73 de Guido HB9TNF mountain manager HB association

Hi Guido,

Why does it still say on the recent HB ARM that the HB association manager is still HB9TQG and not yourself?

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:
Hi Jimmy,
We have changed association manager and other persons after HB ARM v 1.6 was comming out. We will change this for the next version of HB ARM. I think end of 2010.
vy 73 de HB9TNF Guido.