New HAM looking to activte summit in north New Ham

How do I get a number to activate a summit?

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Click on the “summits” tab at the top of the web page to get a list of summits. I imagine you will choose one of the W4 summits. If you want to register with SOTA as an activator/chaser, click on the database tab which takes you to, then go to logon/logoff tab and register


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Click on summits on the menu bar on this page. Follow the route Association > region > summit name. If the summit cannot be found this way it is not part of SOTA: either it does not qualify or there isn’t an Association for that area yet.


Brian G8ADD

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How do I activate it as an association?



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Hi Kurt -

You may need to travel quite a distance from Florida to find a summit to activate - hope you don’t mind a long drive.
You should check out Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos and look at “How to Activate a Summit” by N7UN. The NASOTA group there can answer all your questions.


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Does any one know who I contact to activate an association? The two summits need an association before they can be activated.

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Kurt, where are these summits?


Kurt, I recommend you click on “Website” above/below. From here, you can access the SOTA General Rules document. This will explain all the defining principles of the programme, including the qualifying criteria for a summit to be included. This should explain everything you need to know.

73, Tom M1EYP

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Hi, and welcome. We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm. There is some good info for you already on this thread. Since I am going through the process now of starting a new Association, I’ll add one more piece of advice: Look at the W9 Reference Manual (see the Associations List and follow links to the Association Reference Manual or ARM), look at the W8V (West Virginia) Reference Manual, and look at the W4K (Kentucky) Reference Manual. They are all relatively recent, they are well prepared, and they served as useful guides as I prepared the W8M (Michigan) Reference Manual (work in progress and not yet published). This should help as well.

Dave, N8LBF

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The summits are in Grafton County New Hampshire. I am leaving in a few days, but will be back next year. Hoping to activate summits next year.

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The summits are in Grafton County New Hampshire.

These are part of the W1/HA area, there are 235 of them!.

All you need to do is climb one and make at least 4 contacts.

The list of them is at:

Select the one you are interested in for more information.


Colin G8TMV