new GOATx2 K2KJD ~ Chip

Today K2KJD ~ Chip has achieved GOATx2 on W4G/NG-002 Raburn Bald.
Chip has only been involved in SOAT for about 18 months; and what makes this event even more impressive, is he is 80+.
Chip is ofcourse is member of Adventure Team FOG (Fat Old Guys)


Congratulations, Chip on the 2x Goat !!!
I’m glad I made it in your log today.
Here’s to many more contacts.
73 Gary

Congrats to my great friend Chip, K2KJD, on Double Mtn Goat! What an honor for me to be in the log today. Kudos to Tom and John for all the help you guys provided in prodding Chip up all those summits.
David ND1J

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Congratulations! BOB AC1Z

Congrats Chip on making 2X Goat. Hope to work you on many more summits.

Gary A. - W0MNA



Congratulations, Chip! What a wonderful achievement!

Wow! Awesome
Mike K6STR

Thanks for the congratulatory comments and good wishes. SOTA with my adventure team fog buddies has been the most incredible amateur radio experience. The unique aspect of operating on top of a summit, the physical side of the hike to get there, the camaraderie from my adventure team fog friends, the friends who contact me on the activations and the technical aspects of setting up a station all combine to make for the most full filling and unique experience of my ham radio career.
73 and thanks to all those who have helped along the way. Chip K2KJD