New EA SMS spotter

Hi there,

Thanks to the help of Joe OE5JFE and Andy MM0FMF, I have setup (again) the EA SMS Spotter.

The phone number is : +34 648 035030 and the dashboard is at: EA SOTA Spotter

73 de Iñigo EA2CQ


Welcome Iñigo to the ever growing list.

We now have local number access in

UK: +447903533046
USA: +14243737682
OE: +436803110897
I: +393662884598
EA: +34648035030

The guide to how to spot is here Summits on the Air and this was put together by Glenn AB3TQ who is now sadly SK.

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you are everywhere :slight_smile: tnx !

Isn’t there also one for Australia Andy? I have +61 447 568 667 recorded in my phone book (not that I’ve ever had the opportunity to use it yet :cry:)

Yes, that one is run by Allen VK3HRA and I forgot to put it on the list. It runs slightly differently to those other 5. There are pending spotters in CT and LU but there has not been much progress recently on those projects.

Ok thanks. Does the Australian one use the same format?

By the way thanks Iñigo. This was a useful list as I didn’t realise there were SMS spotters in other European countries

I’m not sure Andy, but Allen has an account on here so you can PM him and ask.

The system uses a mix of TaaS (telephony as a service) and local hardware. The TaaS provider provides the UK and US virtual numbers as it is very cheap. However in many other countries the monthly line rental is excessive, in Italy it is US$25/mth! In those places we have people running a local access point which is typically a Raspberry Pi and a GSM dongle.

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Visiting Australia is on my retirement plan (sorry Mark NOM :wink:). However my beloved is still working so it might have to wait a bit. I’ll check with Allen before we go

Hi Iñigo:
Thanks for bringing back this helpful service.
Do you know if the SOTAspotter APP will automatically get updated to include the new Spanish number so we can select it as the preferred option?
This is what I have so far:



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We will need to ask Bogdan to update the gateway list. @YO8SAW
The gateway has the same features like OE and I

Same goes for Peter to update the SMS gateways list in VK port-a-log @VK3ZPF

Not sure if Iñigo had contacted both already as we discussed that topic.

@Guru: You see things are already in motion :slight_smile:

73 Joe


Yes, just contacted both by private. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Iñigo,
That is very good news, thanks!

73 Ignacio

Hi Iñigo,

It works well, many thanks !!!

73, Jarek

I added the new gateway. If there are any problems, do let me know.

Bogdan YO3SAW


Tnx Bogdan !

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Hi Bogdan,

Gateway list update arrived but only one syntax version is added (the one with username and password). EA gateway is having the same features like my OE gateway so both features are supported.

Same goes for the Italy gateway. I have noticed that SMS_I is missing since one of the recent updates.

So the list should have:

  • SpotSMS EA

  • SpotSMS I

  • SpotSMS OE

  • SMS_EA

  • SMS_I

  • SMS_OE

and the official SOTA gateways

  • SMS_UK
  • SMS_NA
  • SMS_VK

With SMS_ using the offical SOTA SMS syntax (phone registration by email to Andy) and SpotSMS using the format with username+password.

Thanks a lot!
73 Joe

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Hi Joe,

I used the information at, but I hadn’t scrolled up to see the mention of Andy’s SMS format. I will update the list accordingly. And at some point maybe I’ll do something about the sorting of the items in that list in the app :sweat_smile:

Bogdan YO3SAW


Thank you all.

Yesterday I successfully tested it from SOTA Spotter.