New Database

What a good job you lads have done on the new database. It’s a pleasure to use…Thanks a lot to you all.

73 Allen 2E0AGB


AM ON Sota 3, switched while back. So why is the link still sending me to the old data base link ???

Karl 2E0FEH

DOH FOUND IT :rofl::joy::wink:

Better get start used to it so used to banging in the prefix and not scanning for it :slight_smile:


Please share a link for the new database - I keep getting directed to the old existing database.

Thanks and 73


Here it is:

73 Joe

Many thanks!

Also please see here

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Got it! Thanks

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If been able to log into SOTAwatch3 everything should be fine. Why when I use the .links provided in SOTAwatch3 does it still take me to the old data base? Am I missing something here?

As the linked post says:

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Excellent! :slight_smile: