New Database Total Sorting

I was looking at a club member’s activator stats so that I could order his first certificate. When looking at the new database, it shows the activations with the newest on top but it shows the points total with the newest on the bottom. Is it supposed to be this way? It looks to me like the points aren’t following the activations.

Ron, NR3E

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Yes. It’s exactly the same as the previous two versions apart from it defaults to newest at the top (dec-jan order) instead of oldest at the top (jan-dec order). You can select the order if you want.

Isn’t the date you want under the badge?


Yes, I was able to get the date I wanted so no problems there. Also, I was aware you can change it to sort Jan-Dec and if you do the totals do correspond with the activations. It just seems to me that when you sort it Dec-Jan the totals don’t correspond with the activations so it can be confusing.

Not a big deal though as I can change the sort.