New Database Question

I wanted to ask this before I tried so as not to mess up my records. With the new database, it appears that I can upload an ADIF file that includes activations, chasers, and summit to summits all in the same file and the new database will take them all at once. True? :hiking_boot:

Ron, KI4TN


The ADIF parser parses down to the same format for upload as the CSV parser. It probably doesn’t do the duplicate handling that I just added to the CSV parser the other day for Guru, but otherwise should be identical in features.

OK, thanks for the responses; that answers my question. :hiking_boot:

Ron, KI4TN

I have a different database question: I uploaded a log that included a s2s contact, then realized I had made a mistake in it. I deleted the log and tried to upload a corrected one, but it wouldn’t let me. It turns out I had to manually go and delete the s2s contact in the database before I could upload the corrected log.

Is this the intended behavior? It seems to me like deleting an activation log should remove all the s2s contacts associated with it. I can’t think of a reason I’d want to delete all the contacts from an activation except the s2s ones.

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S2S contacts are not activation QSOs. They are an exteded chaser QSOs. If you look in your S2S logs in the S2S honour roll you will see your S2S QSO. If you look in your chaser QSOs in the chaser honour roll you will see the chaser component of your S2S QSO. If you look at your QSOs in the activator honour rolls you see nothing to do with S2S contacts.

Hopefully, this explains why it works they way it does.

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That makes sense.


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I forgot to say the reason why S2S are extended chaser QSOs was how they were added many years into operation of the SOTA database. It handled activations or chases. When I added S2S, the code for handing chaser QSOs most closely matched what was needed for S2S. When you enter the S2S QSO manually you actually enter the chaser part first then tick the “S2S” box and then enter the extended info… your location. There was much less code to write this way and I’m lazy :slight_smile:

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But… a S2S contact is also an activator contact. It just doesn’t have the summit details of the station worked, in the old database.

I understood the new database had conflated all the QSO records so they resemble a giant V2 file. Maybe that’s just my imagination?

Very much your imagination :smile:

The new database is a new front end for the same database behind it


I needed to correct yesterday’s log and deleted it in the new database. When I tried to upload the corrected log again in the new database I got an error message and was not able to upload. Had to go back to the old database to upload it :weary:. I suppose that needs correction….

73, Sylvia

S2S qsos not deleted?

Since I uploaded my log including the S2S QSOs in one file I would not expect having to delete the S2S separately (as was the case with the old database). So No I didn’t - but if that’s what it requires please make the system issue a corresponding message.

Thanks a lot!
73, Sylvia

The old one required you to upload twice, once for activations and for chases/S2S if your file contained both types of QSO. Now you can upload both in one go. So you have to delete both before reintroducing the file. Or edit the file.

It works great Ron. One upload and everything is done. The admins have done a fantastic job with the database.