New database images

The Twins VK3/VE-017. Adan VK1FJAW operating a FT-817

Andy I have hundreds of photos of VK activations, I’m happy for you to use photos from my blog at

73, Andrew VK1AD

That could be Scotland looking at the ground, rocks, clouds etc.

Here’s one from SP/BI-001 :slight_smile:

From left to right, EA2IF, Bego and EC2AG



My one cent contribution.
Glad to capture a nice sunset from a snowy summit…
73 de Ignacio


I kinda like this one for capturing the beauty and the irony of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

Baldy Mtn W7A/MN-106

But we do have some summits on the other end of the spectrum…R to L in the picture, AE-001 Mount Humphreys (12,633 ft) and three friends (AE-002, CS-001, and AE-003). Picture taken from the top of CS-003.

And yes, I have activated AE-001, the highest summit in Arizona.

This is an interesting picture of the “shadow” of Mauna Kea KH6/HW-001, cast on the top of the clouds and the Pacific Ocean at sunset, last July when I activated the summit.