New case for my KX3, I think this is the one

I am always looking for a better system for my gear, I think its a sickness!


What do you think about mine??


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Hey Tom and John, Thanks for the ideas. My KX3 arrived yesterday and now Im looking for a case that will protect it out in the field. Great integration of the power switch & meter and transceiver into one case Tom. That could be useful with a number of rigs; not just the KX3!
Mike W6AH

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Very impressive, Tom! I’m mostly a fair weather activator so I use this one to keep my pack as small and light as possible:

I thought about using a box like John’s, but couldn’t justify the extra weight and bulk. My ski pack has a waterproof compartment and I haven’t had any issues with the radio getting wet during ski summit activations out in the snow. OK, I had one minor issue when two of the ski patrol’s dogs ran over and excitedly tramped back and forth over my setup, but the KX3 survived.

In summer I usually ride my ATV to get to the trailhead with my pack sitting on the front rack, the 4x4 roads and trails can be pretty rough, and I ride pretty fast. The Think Tank’s padding has been sufficient to protect the radio from some pretty bone-jarring bumps. I keep a small trash bag in the summer pack (a small scout pack from Cabelas) that I can put the Think Tank case inside of if the weather goes bad.


Eric KU6J

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