New Callsign

I have a new callsign - 2E0DAI and have put M6WOW to rest after passing 250 chaser points this week. I studied with Mike Street G3JKX of Telford and District A.R.S who is a superb instructor.
I look forward to working you all and thanks for your help and support to date.
David Holman

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David, congratulations once again on the intermediate. Hope to log your new callsign at the weekend.

73 de Chris M1DTJ

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Congratulations David, and well done on chaser milestone.

Hope to catch you soon especially S2S ,any news on leg??



Hi David,

Congratualations on getting your intimadiate license. Hope your leg is healing.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Well done, David - and what an appropriate callsign for activating GWs!


Brian G8ADD

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Yes it is E.g. “Dyma dai wiski dim delta alpha india yn galw CQ ac yn aros am eich ateb. Drosof.”. Those 2x0 callsigns are going quick so was delighted to get my fourth choice.
But hat’s off to Alun Guest-Rowlands for the most Welsh one - 2W0CYM [ru].
I had a super QSO with Robert Williams GW0PEB/P in the old language when he was on Aran Fawddwy and Glasgwm the other day. I thought he simply came from the Isle of Wight! It turns out that he’s done time in Llanuwchllyn which is the epicentre of the Welsh speaking nation and at the foot of Aran Benllyn.

Cheers Jimmy for asking. Much better but waiting to see the Surgeon in Shrewsbury on 1 July for his pronouncement. I’m hoping for ‘bones joined together and you may bear full load’. If so rehabilitation can start including climbing and descending [stairs] at which I’m rubbish at present!
I keep wanting to dash off to Walton Hill or Raw Head but won’t risk it.
I hope your GCSE’s went ok and await news of your Intermediate course success soon ;¬D .

Off to look at a YAESU FT101ZD, its matching ATU and speaker tomorrow with G3JKX as my honorary Elmer. I will learn to tune it properly essential] and put up a decent HF wire antenna at chimney pot height. I’ve made a G7FEK but need to finish my antenna analyser kit to get it set up. It’ll be good to be heard above the noise. 73
David 2E0DAI

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A nice radio in its day. They were the “cost enginered” version of the FT-901. They work quite well but all of them will be getting long in the tooth now. Ageing HT components, wear and tear from the heat of a valved driver and PA stage etc. all adds up. No general coverage RX. Potential for drifty VFOs. Of course you can work on them easily as they use real components not SMD and SMD puts off many people. Not sure if the transformer is still available and certainly some of the chips in the display for the 901/902 are long obsolete.

I’m not sure how much market awareness you have with having a, now upgraded, M6 call, you might not have been into radio for very long. So what I’m leading up to is that even if it’s immaculate and in tip top condition, in real terms it’s an old dog that’s not worth much money. A museum exhibit is probably worth £125 max. There’s millions of them out there so they are not rare in any sense. I’m not sure how much disposable wonga you have David, but the market is awash with TS570s, FT897s, TS480s never mind TS50s and DX70s. To me they would be a better buy. Of course they go for more money But I’m not you and you may have you heart set on a 101ZD, just don’t pay over the odds for one. There’s a place for a 101ZD in every shack. In my shack that place would be holding the door open! And no my shack isn’t filled with the latest and greatest.

And congratulations on the upgrade. I hope you will be able to continue the process and I look forward to seeing a similar announcement in the not too distant future that you have passed the full (or whatever it’s called today) licence.


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Good luck with the FT101ZD, they are a cracking rig, main rig here is one. Easy to use, easy to repair and just enough bells and whistles. I also have an FTdx401 which runs as a standby. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing against modern rigs but after spending over half of my working life on transistors and IC’s I enjoy a return to civilised “wireless”. There is a very good Yahoo group (Fox Tango) with plenty of help and available spares. Hope it turns out for you, enjoy the new call.

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Congratulations; I didn’t realise who it was when I worked you from GM/CS-015 today.

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Congratulations on the new callsign David :slight_smile:


Mark G0VOF

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Andy - £100 cash for the three items, all manuals and the servicing handbook! £35 for a new replacement mic from Hadon Communications too because it came from a CW only operative. Good grief - it’s better than buying a W4RT pair of filters for FT817 to squeeze a little more selectivity out of the little wonder or buying an amplifier. I actually want to learn to operate a plate and load “museum” piece and don’t have the ‘disposable wonga’ for an Elecraft K2 or FT897 [857 in a nicer box?] etc. So long as I learn quickly to set up and tune up per the manual I shall get heard. My SWL log for SOTA is a record of a ‘I can hear a weak station in the noise - go again with your call - nothing heard’ [I will submit it Tom].
The FC-901 “Antenna Coupler” ATU is a beauty. I have a good example of the radio with all the mods in to bring it up to the Mk 3 spec and it has the narrow CW filter. G3JKX also thinks this is a bargain. The audio sounded lovely on test this afternoon. Cheers to G4RQJ for the kind words. The Fox Tango website is splendid. I haven’t lost my marbles after all and the shack needs a heater for later in the year ;¬D The largely empty speaker housing needs filling up with a transverter and an electronic keyer so some lovely homebrew is in prospect.
Full licence? If no Wood badge course is forthcoming from Scout Association to allow me to go from Parent helper to Assistant leader this Autumn then I hope to crack the M0 challenge instead in the next 6 months.