New Callsign M0VCM

[summary of rather wordy original post]

I have just passed the Advanced Exam and received the
callsign M0VCM. Thank you all for helping make Amateur
Radio and SOTA such an enjoyable hobby, and for all
your advice and encouragment since my first encounter
with SOTA as M6JDR back in Summer 2010. Now I plan to
put the textbooks away and get the maps out again…

73, John Robson, M0VCM
(also known as 2E0VCO and M6JDR)

Congratulations John on getting your Full Licence.

Jimmy M3EYP

Thanks Jimmy, and I hope you’re not long after me.
You will almost certainly have your Full Licence
long before I get anywhere close to Mountain Goat!

Hi John,

I will be doing my Intermediate exam this Sunday. If I pass this exam I will start the Advanced course as soon as possible.

Jimmy M3EYP

Hi Jimmy,

Good luck with your Intermediate Exam.
I hope everything goes well on Sunday!

73, John M0VCM