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New BitX40 kit

Just to add on to the announcements for new transceivers, the BitX has been resurrected as a low cost 40m kit with pre-soldered SMT parts and an arduino controlled DDS! The kit does not come with things like a speaker, power supply, or enclosure, but there’s a lot of potential for experimentation/hacking. Probably my favorite feature is the separate parallel power jack for the PA stage that will boost output from 5-7W to more than 20W. I’m already planning on replacing the LCD screen with an OLED for cold temperature operation and adding a digital filter module from SOTABEAMS.

I missed my chance to pick up a KN-Q7A when the unit reached EOL last summer, so I went ahead and ordered myself a late Christmas present (at $59 USD I couldn’t resist.) Shipping is free internationally from India but takes three weeks.

Manual, circuit description, and purchase: http://www.hfsigs.com/

Hacks and tips blog: https://bitxhacks.blogspot.ca/
Video review from VK3YE (non-DDS version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EvA6Q6C2rE


ordered one a couple of weeks ago and I added the DDS later too! Cant wait to see it!

I ordered one 10 days ago (not that I need another radio) but it does look like an interesting project and one that I think deserves support.

VK3YE has been busy creating and posting interesting videos related to the BitX40.