New Basque Country Summits Award

New Basque Country Summits Award

After some months of preparations, we are ready enough(??) to present you the Euskal Herriko Mendiak / Mountains of the Basque Country Award.

Its goal is to encourage the basque activators on their activities (pretty good yet) activating the SOTA summits of the Basque Country, as well as promoting them among the general SOTA community.

It’s born under the SOTA “way of doing” and according to its principles. As in this, there are certificates for both chasers and activators. There are also several difficulty levels of each one, with a minimum of 12 summits and a maximum of 56, from a total of around 400 sumits.

The summits already chased or activated are valid as well,inside their periods of validity, so you can check the lists to see if you have obtained one or more certificates.

We hope this to give more fun for an already remarkable activity as SOTA is, and we hope this will increase the basque activity into SOTA, enjoying our beautiful summits and landscapes, and perhaps, also, attracting foreing activators to join us hiking.

We’ll try to publish all the informations in basque, english, spanish and french languages to make them as available as possible.

You can find us and all other details at

Thank you and 73 de Mikel