New Award

After seeing the picture below I had a thought that maybe the MT would consider the introduction of a new award?

The Tree Goat Award for attaining 500 point activating - a sort of half way house towards the BIG one.

Just a thought

73 Glyn

Not one of them has a rig or antenna :grin:

That is likely one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen!

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“New” award? I think there has always been awards at 500 points.

Tree? I can see six.

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Lots of twigs, though, I’d guess it is an 11m gathering :wink:


Your ‘Kidding’

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He’s trying to get your goat!


Pokemon Goat?


If you feed them enough “Candies” and have enough “Stardust” you may evolve them into a Gogoat!

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