New Award Scheme

This new award may be of interest to some? It starts on 1st April.

73 Richard G3CWI


This was designed for me! My wife told me I had to go in the shed if I wanted a radio at home. That explains why I’m only QRV as a chaser on nice days :blush:
Of course for those who feel that the bottom of the garden isn’t sufficiently isolated from domestic QRM, there is still SOTA (or even /MM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I’ve got two of each, so it should be a doddle.

And there are even more schemes:


We need an award program for Kennels On The Air as I am always in the doghouse :frowning:


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you just got to love their website. Well thought through

73 Glyn

Very keen on this one. It’s an award that ticks all the boxes for me. I’ve registered.


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TOTA recalls the mobile contest we designed and ran during the Canberra Radio Society’s Easter convention in 72 or 74. We identified and allocated a code to every public toilet located near shopping centres or sports grounds around Canberra. Mobiles needed to be within view of one of these “transmission sites” to make contacts. Score was contact points multiplied by the number of sites operated from. Big laugh at the time and for 2 hours the 2m FM simplex channels ran hot in Canberra as 20 or 30 mobiles followed their planned courses between toilets to maximise their scores! Still have the certificate here in my files…

(It was another instance of proving how impractical FM is for contests, when there are multiple stations on the same frequency. )