New Award from Hungarian SOTA team

Found this award the other day, “Mount Everest Award”, its a SOTA award and its from the Hungarian SOTA team.
See Diplomák - Awards
It is a rather a nice award and diferent from the ones we get from the UK SOTA team. Even better its free and it arrives by PDF within a few hours of making the claim. Just shows how easy it is to make and send an award.

You can see the ones sent to me and M0JDK on - burtonarc Resources and Information.

In reply to 2E0KPO:



Steve, Thanks for pointing these out. These are association sponsored awards. Details of the possibility for these are in the General Rules:

3.13.2 Association sponsored awards
In addition to Programme-wide certificates and trophies, Associations may specify their own award system, which is administered by the Association Manager. These award systems must be defined in the Association Reference Manual.

It might be interesting to have a trawl through all the ARMs to see if there are any other additional Association sponsored awards that may be claimed. I will certainly be checking against the Everest Award for myself, and counting up to when I have 13 QSOs with HA activations for the other award - they look nice.

You are correct in noticing that there are no additional Association sponsored awards in any of the UK associations, but that is the decision of the individual Association Managers, rather than the MT.