New associations and more for July 2017

I’ll kick off this month’s associations update thread with news of Newfoundland, VO1.

Here we have Loren, VO1PWF / VO1OE, as our new AM. Welcome to the programme Loren. I hope you folks in VO1 have some fun.

Loren has 329 summits to play with. Here’s the map from the ARM:

Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – Canada

Happy 150th birthday Canada! :birthday:


VO1 SOTA association is now up and running…

Hello everyone glad to be on board …thanks a million simon


This month we also have another two new associations: FM Martinique and FP St. Pierre & Miquelon.

Robert @F5HTR accepted to be the Association Manager ad interim for these two associations until a local ham is available to take the role over.

We also have a dozen of changes mostly provided by attentive SOTA participants who contacted the Association Managers to report possible improvements to the SOTA data.

See Summits on the Air for details.


Thank you Loren.

For those who don’t realize FP is just off the coast of VO1. So you can combine two associations into one trip!

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St. Pierre & Miquelon,

This is a rare one for SOTA, I nicked it about 6 years ago from G/SP-013 Gun… Caught FP/N9JZ/M calling from his car on the 17m band, just before he was stuck on the cluster, whereupon all hell broke loose. There’s a lot of luck in radio. Never heard it from a summit since.

Congratulations Loren, NF offers some of the neatest summits among the fantastic fjords and wilderness. Glad you saw it through. Hope to get over and try some soon.
Cheers 73
Paul ve1pvh