New association: Serbia YU

Please join me in welcoming the new SOTA association Serbia YU. Fric YU1WC has done a great job in compiling the YU summits list.

The SOTA database is updated and activations/chases can be logged. Sotawatch will follow soon.

Peter – ON4UP
Obo the SOTA Summits Team

In reply to ON4UP:
Great news! I will go to activate there very soon!

Hello All

YU SOTA is ready! I hope the activations will follow soon!
Big thanks to Rob G0HRT and Peter ON4UP who were with me while preparing the association documents and data, as well as to other SOTA people behind the scene.

By the way, if you go to SotaMaps you will notice something strange with YU summits. One of the summits got the coordinates uploaded without decimal separator, so it is now located somewhere beyond infinity. It has been corrected in the database, but the corrected coordinates have not migrated to SotaMaps yet :slight_smile:

Fric YU1WC

In reply to YU1WC:

There was an outage at the database host today. No good reason for why everything decide to go on strike and the hosts are investigating although I have a good idea I’m about to suggest.

Anyway, it could have resulted in a completely bogus map data file that Rob uses. The database is up and running now and I have rerun the automated backups and summits routines just in case. I’ve also done a load of housekeeping which I forgot to do before going away for a few days.


First SOTA activation ever in YU done on Friday, 22nd of August by me & Zoli YO2BP in Vojvodina region. Two summits activated near Vrsac, very close to the border with YO: Guduricki Vrh YU/VO-001 & Vrsacki Vrh YU/VO-002. Worked both in CW & SSB. Tnx to all the chasers!