New Association PY1 - Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

Hi guys!

As some of you already know, since 01/12/2018 the Association PY1 - Brazil - Rio de Janeiro is (very) active.

It was April when I first heard about SOTA in a Whatsapp HAM Radio Group. It was a message about the activation of the first Brazilian SOTA Association, namely PY2 - São Paulo. I was sooo interested about it that, after a search in the Internet, I wrote to the MT in that same night. After some days I got an answer from this great guy Simon G4TJC. The details of the eight months of work we had to pick up our 1200+ summits I will tell you in another notice. Today I’d like to tell how it is developing…

During our hard work bringing the Association to life I began the “marketing” stuff telling about SOTA to everybody that I knew is an amateur radio operator or like to go to the mountains. Oft I could feel how people were enthusiastic about such activity. In our monthly HAM Meeting in my home town I always spreaded the news, but I didn’t expected that we would have so good results on we went “online” (better, when we went on the air!)

I had these doubts because the other Associations in Brazil aren’t going well and have just a few activations. Maybe it’s an intrinsic Amateur Radio Problem overhere. We discussed a lot about that here. To be an HAM Radio Operator in South America in general is quite difficult. We are few and we don’t have much traffic on the air (compared to Europe and USA). All equipments are quite expensive for our economical reality, a lot of colleagues still treat our hobby as a black magic hermetic sect trying to keep knowledge safe from our impure eyes and souls (long live to the Internet!!!) and geografically, well you know, even the Pope said that he came from the “end of the world!”.

But anyway, I tried the first activation in 02/12 while in holidays with the family in the city of Paraty. It was PY1/IL-035 a 320m and 2 points summit. Unfortunately I couldn’t make any contact. But I saw that after the trial I received a lot of feedback from people that were QRV or trying to contact me. The main problem was my equipment: just a Baofeng that was unable to reach the guys that were in Petrópolis (my hometown) 250Km far away from Paraty.
After that, back home, I had more 2 trials when I could contact some chasers but not enough to get the points of the mountains.

But I know that every begining is difficult. The turnaround came when I went to PY1/RJ-031, probably one of the most famous SOTA summit. Although I had RX problems (I also will tell about that soon) I could make the four necessary contacts, one of that being an S2S with PY1PTS! Since then we’re trying to make one expedition each week and the results are showing. Every expediction brings us new contesters and more QSOs.

Today we have already 3 unique activators and 20 unique chasers in just 15 days of activity. And for this summer/holidays months we are planing an offensive on activations and information about SOTA.

I’m just finishing to write a website with all basic information about SOTA in Portuguese (a foreign language is also a general problem here in Brazil) where people will be able to download tutorials on how to sign up in sotawatch, in sotadata, etc. and how to insert the alerts and the log in the sites.

On 05/01/2019 we will do a SOTA Party and we hope to make a lot of QSOs in PY1 and PY2 and reach more and more new operators. Maybe SOTA will motivate people to talk on the air again.

73 de Douglas, PU1PAX


Great news Douglas. We were hoping the guys in PY2 would join us for the last Trans-Atlantic S2S event on 3rd November, but it was not to be. Maybe now there is an increase in activity, there will be sufficient interest and we will be able to make some EU to PY contacts during the next one around April next year (the date is to be decided). I am sure you will be popular with the guys in the States as well!

Best wishes for your future activations.

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK

Hi Douglas,
It sounds like you are activating on VHF/UHF - many of us have found using the cheap after-market RH770 telescopic antenna out of China in place of the standard antenna on HTs makes a big difference on receive and transmit. You might like to consider getting this or something like it to increase your range.

73 Ed.

Congratulations on your new SOTA Association! Much hard work to set up! A few days ago while on Piety Hill, Arizona, I was most excited to be successfully chased by PY1ZV in Brazil!

Dave, AE9Q


Must… control… the… envy…Must… control… the… envy…Must… control… the… envy…Must… control… the… envy…Must… control… the… envy…Must… control… the… envy…

No good, the envy is full on. :rofl:


Hi Ed! You’re right. For now we operate oft in VHF/UHF on account of the HTs that are “more portable”. But guys over here (me included) are researching about solar cells and lightweight batteries that are not so expensive.

I will take a look in this telescopic antenna. It sounds interesting.

Tomorrow I will activate PY1/RJ-015 using the DK7ZB antenna project (PVC-Yagis. Let’s see…

Hopefully when I begin to operate in HF we can make a QSO.
Übrigens ich habe 10 Jahre in München gelebt. Dann können wir auch auf Deutsch quatschen.

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Hello Gerald. April would be great for such event! We are preparing some equipments to begin operations in HF from the summits as soon as possible. I do think that we’ll have enough people ready to participate!

73, Douglas PU1PAX.

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PY1ZV is the guy in Brazilian Amateur Radio scene! He give us all assistance and support and is very enthusiastic with SOTA. I think he just found a new goal as a HAM Radio operator… :rofl::joy: With his big station he’s the best chaser in our association already.



Hi Douglas,

We are excited about the new PY association! Earlier this year while activating W7A/AW-020 I received a call from PR8ZX in Imperatriz. We often get good North-South propagation in the afternoon so I hope to have many HF QSOs with PY SOTA stations!

Paul K9PM


Hi Douglas,
OK on the VHF Antenna plans and moving on to HF activations later. When there is only a low number of VHF/UHF simplex contacts possible (depending upon where the mountain is) HF is great fun. There’s lots been talked about on various threads on this reflector about different equipment for HF and VHF portable use and many of us are continully trying out different antennas but (in my opinion) your safest option for HF portable antenna is a linked dipole and a 6 metre fibreglass pole. To build your own there’s a calculator on the SOTAmaps site under “linked antenna designer” here: or if you prefer to buy - (Richard ships worldwide).

I have also documented many of my various antenna and equipment attempts on my blog here: or (both URLs go to the same site).

Your DK7ZB beam is going to perform a lot better than the telescopic whip I mentioned - I actually have the DK7ZB designed 6m/4m/2m combined yagi here as a home QTH antenna.

As for rigs for HF for SOTA portable operation, take what you have at the moment to start with and see what you think you need. Weight is an issue, so many use Elecraft KX2 or KX3 or Yaesu FT-817 or 818 but if you only want to operate CW there are a lot of choices that are both lighter and cheaper than these rigs. There are also a few multi-mode HF rigs coming out of China now that are worth a look as well as several kits from the US, the UK and India, all of which are reasonably priced. Of course shipping to Brazil and any additional import taxes could take these prices up. Do kits get less import duty than fully built rigs? If so there are a lot of kits for mainly CW but also SSB HF QRP rigs.

With band conditions as they are, a little more power is probably a good idea and a lot of SOTA activators use the FT857D and run it at up to 50 watts - it’s somewhat heavier that the FT817/818 but the extra power is important sometimes. Of course if you want to run more power then you need a bigger battery. While the QRPp rigs can get away with AA cells once you go over 5 watts you need something better and the best weight/power/price for batteries at the moment are LIPO or LifePO technologies. The LIPO are cheaper but need to be looked after as over charging can cause them to bloat and possibly burst into flames (if really abused). The LifePOs don’t have these problems but cost more.

Good luck with what you chose but my recommendation is always; first of all take what you have before you consider buying new equipment.

As for conversing in German, the MT might then send us off to the Geram language thread on the reflector! I’m actually English living in Germany, so we’d probably better stay in English. Sorry no Portuguese skills here.

73 Ed DD5LP (G8GLM / VK2JI).


Who has just signed up to thie reflector.

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:sunny: 2 more PY registrations for the database this morning! :sunny:

It’s always good to see people registering for a new association especially when it’s from part of the world that is itself relatively new to SOTA such as South America.


And he (PY1ZV) will activate his first summit today in 146.500-fm, 144.200-ssb and 21.062-cw!


Good luck! We will be listening. Thanks for your hard work!

Kent K9EZ

I heard Fabio calling CQ on 21.062 today. Unfortunately I couldn’t make myself heard in Brazil. The only North American that made the trip…at least that I could hear…was Bob, AC1Z. Congrats, Bob. NS7P, KK1W and K9EZ as well as myself were calling. K9EZ said he responded to me, but I sure didn’t hear my callsign here. Perhaps since PY1ZV was operating from “Morro das Antenas” he was having intermod from commercial traffic. Still looking for my 1st South American SOTA. Glad to see the activity and hope for success in the near future.

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Hi guys, Good morning,
First of all I would like to sincerely apologize for generating a great expectation in the SOTA community and my RX does not correspond, unfortunately the conditions in the place have changed a lot since my last visit to MORRO DAS ANTENAS here in my city, a short time ago that place was well cleaner radiomagnetically speaking, but unfortunately was taken over by many commercial stations causing not only QRM but also strong blocking from time to time.
If I had known this I would have chosen another location or even wary of a bandpass filter.
My station at 21mhz was an ic7000 + home made dipole launched just over 3m off the ground, 20w maximum due to small and heavy battery :frowning: (power was a 7amp motorcycle battery removed from my motorcycle to climb the hill).
I had the opportunity to listen in waves very small clearly blocked, PY1JR, AC1Z, KK1W that are in my log … I copied stations calling K9? Z (now reading the post I saw the letter missing) and K0R? (also seeing now K0RS), both answered by incomplete and did not hear the returns, so sorry Larry.
Once again my apologies but I promise soon to be in the air on some mountain again at 21mhz as it is the best frequency currently for NA / EU in order to give the possibility to SOTA hunters to work SA.

Best Regards


Hi Fabio! I think you should give PY1/RS-110 a try. You can go with your car almost inside the Activation Zone. After parking, I think it’s a question of no more than a few meters and you are inside the AZ. And it seems quite free of any electromagnetic garbage.