New Association Manager - Scotland

When SOTA started in 2002, we wanted to ensure that the whole of the mainland of the UK was in the programme as soon as possible. While we had Association Managers for England and Wales, there was no-one obvious for Scotland. Not wishing to launch that Association without an “in-country” AM, John G3WGV asked Martin GM8KPH if he would take on the role as a start. Martin kindly agreed and has acted as Scotland’s AM ever since. From the outset Martin said that as SOTA grew it would be most appropriate that someone active within the programme was the AM. Despite approaches to likely candidates by both Martin and the SOTA MT, no-one seemed willing or able to take on the role. Thus Martin (not active within SOTA himself) continued as AM.

Recently, it came to light that Scotland’s Association Manual needed an overhaul. This was pointed out by Andy MM0FMF and was updated by John G3WGV. Within the Management Team it opened up once again the discussion about the need for an AM for Scotland who was active within SOTA. During those discussions, Andy MM0FMF made an unsolicited offer to take on the role. The MT checked with Andy to ensure that this was, in fact, a serious offer - confirmed by Andy. The MT then approached Martin GM8KPH to ensure that he was still happy to step down (he was) and so we are now pleased to announce that Andy MM0FMF will take over from Martin GM8KPH as the Association Manager for Scotland.

The MT would like to thank Martin GM8KPH for his willingness to fill the void over the last five years and welcomes Andy to the role of Association Manager for Scotland. The relevant documents will be updated in due course.


G3CWI (on behalf of the SOTA MT)

Good luck Andy !!!

73 de Les, G3VQO

Well done on volunteering Andy. Good luck with the job, also not forgetting thanks for Martin for five years service to sota.