New Association LUM (Argentina - Mendoza)

Hi everyone, I am Alejandro (LU1MAW) The manager for LUM Association. We will be able to activate summits since tomorrow! Thanks Simon for your time! Thanks everyone on SOTA.

Cheers to all!


Tnx for heads up Alejandro hope to be able to work you on your activation’s,GL Don G0RQL.

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Anyone wanna do an expedition up Aconcagua?? I climbed it back in 2008, would be a fun peak to group SOTA activate!


For anyone looking to travel to Argentina to activate any of these new summits from a country that is signed up to the CEPT agreement(s), the following is good news:

In recent times Chile Argentina and the Dominican Republic have signed the amendment to to IARP (International Amateur Radio Permit) of the Inter-American Convention, scheme which links it to the CEPT 61/01 and EC (05)06 agreements. This means that these countries recognise the signatories of either of the two CEPT agreements (61/01 for full licensees with full HF/VHF band privileges and EC (05)06 for Novice/General licensees giving access just to VHF bands under this linked agreement). The condition is that the country from where the amateur comes from also acknowledges reciprocity or the IARP system. (I’m not sure how that can be checked). Please note that not all signatories to the CEPT agreements have signed up for the Novice class agreement. The UK for example has not and hence only UK Full licensees may be able to use this new linked agreement to operate in Argentina under an IARP permit. As always local regulations apply - so if anyone is thinking of activating in Argentina, Chile or the Dominican republic, contact those regulators and national societies to check the situation.

73 Ed.

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Anyone who wants to come to Mendoza should contact Radioclub Argentino (lu4aa) in order to fill some papers. ENACOM’s office is near them and you will get the permission faster than any other way so far.

73! De lu1maw