February 2019 Association Updates

Greetings from the SOTA Summits Team!

We have three new associations for you this month, from tiny to big (especially in elevation!).

PYT - Brazil - Trindade & Martim Vaz Is.

This is a Brazilian archipelago in the Atlantic. The two main islands have a qualifying high point. Our PY1 AM, Douglas, @PY1II, has taken on the AM role.

5B - Cyprus

Welcome to Andreas, @5B8AP, AM for Cyprus. 5B has 48 summits, and the highest summit boasts both a ski lift and a RADAR station!

[Please excuse my test alert - unfortunately I shall not be there for real - whilst Jon looks into getting the Greek script to work]

LUM - Argentina - Mendoza

Alejandro @LU1MAW introduced himself already as AM for LUM (but was too modest to mention his deep involvement with the other LU work).

Not only does LUM have a large count of summits, but also they are very high! In fact, the 10 pointers are of sufficient elevation that you need to think about Acute Mountain Sickness! No joke. And of course the highest of all is LUM/PH-001 Aconcagua at 6960 m. This is both the highest summit in the Americas (Denali, KLF/DE-001, is lower at 6194 m) and in the southern hemisphere.

Are we going to see that activated any time soon? :wink:

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As usual we have a smattering of updates around other associations.


Congratulations to the MT for sourcing 3 new SOTA Countries - one of which 5B (Cyprus), will be of great interest to SOTA Holiday activators I’m sure. Your work is very much appreciated.

73 Phil

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Yes, updated lists of RMs and an AM update that was missed for 4 months. (Mea culpa). Numerous tweaks to names, altitudes, positions. A few deletions of duplications and a new summit in The Vosges FL/VO-168.

The DB has been updated so the new LU and PY associations are included in “All LU” and “All PY”.

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And will highest of every single SOTA summit until there is a new SOTA association with a summit that is higher.

Jimmy M0HGY

In response to your question Simon, it appears that Jamie N6JFD wants to activate that summit!

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As long as everything goes as planned, SOTA Aconcagua has been activated as soon as today!

Only on 2m FM unfortunately for all of us far away.

I hope we’ll be informed here of how the activation and the whole expedition went.
Should I know something, I’ll let you know.



Hi All,
Thanks to the amazing effort and huge help from Alex LU1MAW and everyone at the Radio Club in Mendoza LU1MA the first activation of Aconcagua was successful!

I can’t express how thankful I am to all the amazing people in the Mendoza club, there would be absolutely NO CHANCE to do it without them.



Congratulations on such great achievement!!!
I can’t wait to see your activation report with pictures.


That’s great to hear Tom. I hope you will be able to share a few pictures with us!

Congratulations Tom on activating what is currently the highest summit in the SOTA programe, that’s a really great achievement.

Jimmy M0HGY