New Association for 9M8 (East Malaysia - Sarawak)

Howdy, good morning.

I have 1 question, how to become Association Manager for association code 9M8 (Sarawak, East Malaysia) so that I able to create more regions and summits for 9M8?

I noticed 9M8 doesn’t exists yet in the SOTA Association List.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your time for this issue.

73 DE 9M8HAZ

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You’ve asked this question twice to the SOTA management team 4 hours ago today and now have asked it here. Can you have a little patience and give the team members a chance to answer you. Half of the team are currently in bed asleep and many of the rest are getting ready to go work or are at work.

Someone from the MT will reply to you.


Looking forward for the procedures…


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