New Assistant AM for W6 (California)

Hi All,

As you may or may not know, I don’t manage the W6 Association on my own! Ever since I’ve been the Association Manager for W6, I’ve had the help of Jamie Dahl N6JFD as the Assistant AM. This was a decision made by the SOTA MT to help provide redundancy.

Well, Jamie is going to be moving on literally and figuratively - he’s moving out of California. So I’ve chosen a new person to be the A/AM for W6 and help me keep the SOTA program successful here. Allow me to introduce Michael Molina, KN6EZE. He’s been heading up a successful group in Southern California (SoCal SOTA) for quite a while now, helping new SOTA participants get up to speed and generally helping foster SOTA success for SoCal.

With California being bigger than some countries and having such diverse geography and culture, managing it as one entity can be a challenge. With my location in NorCal and his in SoCal, we hope to continue improving on the success SOTA already has here. Welcome, Mike!



Welcome, Mike! Thanks for all your work in promoting SOTA!