New antenna and other holiday news

I tested a endfed vertical made by Rob PA3EKE ( 10/20/40m ) of abt. 12 m long, and after the first activation I left the old vertical antenna wire, radials and tuner at home. I wanted to compare the old and new antenna, but was to busy on the summits.
Less weight, faster QRV, easy band switching, no radials, no tuning, less volume, less space needed. That is why I switched more often to 20 m, after the start on 40 m.
Reports were good, but I have to say, I used a bit more power than usual, because the new 5000mAH Lipo lasted 2 summits easily with 50-60 W SSB. I think conditions were good, worked N1EU and a PY5 in a pile up on 20 m, without even trying to do DX.

Made abt 400 qso’s, on 12 summits, in one week in OE/SB and DL/BG and even did some “cultural” things as well !!!

I also found out that it is still possible to activate a “ 4 points - new one” that is only 30 minutes easy walking from the car. ( Lercheck, DL/BG-090 .

Fastest activation on the way home on DM/BM-210 (Moritzberg), 35 qso’s in 10 minutes in the rain ( XYL activated the umbrella ), so sorry if I did not work you, but we had to drive nearly 1000 km that day. After a 500 m walk there was also a restaurant with coffee and we had a better brake than in a “Raststatte” near the “Autobahn”. Also it was worth 6 points, hi hi.

73 de Hans DL/PA3FYG/P, OE/PA3FYG/P