New AMs for W5N, W5O, and W5A

In 2009 and 2010, most of the W5 and W7 SOTA North America Associations were set up by one Association Manager with the understanding that as in-state, local SOTA participants emerged, a local AM would be appointed. A number of the early W7 Associations have been transitioned to local, in-state folks.

Effective today, W5N, W5O, and W5A will gain new Association Managers who will be announced shortly. We want to thank Mike, KD5KC, for his early work in establishing these three Associations.


We are pleased to announce the following:

  • Fred, KT5X, will assume the role of AM for W5N

  • Andrew, KD5ZZK, will assume the role of AM for W5A

  • Gary, W5ODS, will assume the role of AM for W5O



W5 owes KD5KC, Mike, a HUGE expression of gratitude for getting started what has been so much fun for so many. And also appreciation to Guy N7UN and Elliott K6EL who are very active right now helping associations grow in number and participation. - fred kt5x (aka WS0TA)