New AMs for W4C and W3 Associations

Recently WA3WSJ, AM for W3, and N4EX, AM for W4C, resigned their role as Association Managers.

We are pleased to announce the following:

Patrick, KI4SVM, will assume the role of AM for W4C.

Richard, N2GBR, will assume the role of AM for W3.

Both new AMs are very, very active in SOTA. Congratulations guys!

And of course our sincere thanks to the time and effort that N4EX and WA3WSJ did in starting W3 and W4C.



Thank you for all you have given to the Program, Rich, over many years.
W4 and W3 will be in very capable hands with Pat and Richard who have “paid their dues” and are most intimately acquainted with their areas. Congratulations to both of you.
Merle and Herm
Madison, NH

Thanks Guy!

As a W3 member, I’m grateful indeed. Thanks to both of you. David, N3II.

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Thanks to Ed & Rich for their service to the program! Continued excellence is surely in place with Pat & Richard. Can’t think of two more appropriate choices! Cheers!

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Richard and I’m glad to see the W3 association in capable hands. Congrats to both of you.