New ALT-512 SDR DDC transceiver

New small transceiver , 100KHz - 70.5 MHz amateur bands , manufactured by LZ2TU , RA9YTJ and me - specifications and preliminary manual on
First 10 units already left warehouse , awaiting opinions!
Hope it is acceptable news!

Great success to all members!
Nick LZ1JY


Finally see a price listed for this interesting looking rig. $751.50 US Dollars. Does this rig have a general coverage RX or not? The Q&A page says no, but the page for the radio says it does have a general coverage receiver. Just curious. Thanks. 73, Todd KH2TJ ALT-512 SDR Transceiver.html

Tried getting a tinyurl but says this is an invalid web address…sure it’s an operator error here…

So is the predecessor also marketed as the LD11?

Several differences when compared to a LD-11 (higher output power, color screen, improved waterfall, CW decode, among others).

This one is 12 band version: I guess if LNR produces this rig that would be LD-12…

73 Ignacio

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Except that the 12th band is 4m, which we don’t have in the US. So it would be LD-11 mark II?

Naming aside, it does look like a very nice update.