New activators on The Cloud G/SP-015

A couple of friends of mine from Macclesfield did their debut SOTA activation on Sunday - 2E0BAX/P Sean and M3RXX/P Greg operated from The Cloud G/SP-015.

Unfortunately, some of their logs have gone missing. Any help recovering the info, if you worked them, would be appreciated.

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Hi Tom

I worked Sean 2E0BAX/P at 13:08 - 13:11 utc and Greg M3RXX/P at 13:11 - 13:12 utc.
Both stations 5/9 tx 5/9 rx on 145.475 fm on 15/4/07

Hope this helps.



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Hi Tom,

I worked both of them S2S at about 1343 from SP-001.


Ron, G(W)4EVX/P

Hi Tom

15/04/07 13:21 2E0BAX/P 145.475 I sent 5/1, I received 5/5
15/04/07 13:22 M3RXX/P 145.475 I sent 5/1, I received 5/5

Regards, Mike G4BLH

This is greatly appreciated folks. Hopefully getting the active SOTA group in Macclesfield up to 5 activators. Cheers.

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Hi Tom i worked 2e0bax/p at 1240 on 16/04/2007 Eric, he was 58/9 with me on my handheld in swinton i was g4kki/p he gave me 56 i think! i jotted it down in my /p log that i carry but did not note my received report.

73 de Bill G4KKI
Nice to chat to you last week when i was on route to my Mothers, Easter Sunday i thin it was.
cul Bill

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i worked m3rxx/p on 15/04/07 at 14:33 from gw/nw-044(mw3pxw/p) barry m3pxw


m3pxw barry

Bill - 16th April = Monday (yesterday), BAX’s name is Sean (not Eric) and I don’t think he was on air at 1240 - is this local or UTC?

Thanks for the response; could you clarify?

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I called from Gun Hill with 50w & SOTA beam but got no answer - would have been better off shouting :wink:

Topic: New activators on The Cloud G/SP-015

…and a couple of days later, there was an old activator on The Cloud G/SP-015. I was a nice sunny albeit breezy afternoon as I left work at 4.25pm local. Like yesterday, I had the same idea to start a bit of Summer term Cloud Hopping on my journeys home from work. Yesterday I bailed out, becoming overcome with lethargy and indifference as I drove northwards from Stoke-on-Trent. Today I actually made it to the parking area on Cloudside, which, strangely for a weekday, was almost full. I grabbed the last space.

My 817 was by now in the shack at home, but still in the car were my VX-7R and Jimmy’s VX-110 left from Sunday. They hadn’t been recharged since Sunday, but I figured that if one ran out, I could switch to the other. I wandered up to the trig point without the usual array of rucksack, poles, boots, food or drink - just myself, trainers, fleece, a handheld in each pocket, a pencil and a scrap of paper.

I sat on the trig point base and self-spotted. I called CQ and immediately got calls from G3CWI and G4NGV. Then it was 2E0BKW, GW0DSP and GW7AAV. Another call produced what sounded like the beginnings of a pile-up, led by a station ending ‘TT’. As I went back to him, my VX-7R ran out of charge. I quickly got out the VX-110, but was disappointed to find that Jimmy had left it in the ‘on’ position and the end of his descent on Sunday, hence this was powerless too. I submitted an apologetic QRT note on SPOTlite and returned to the car. Probably as well, since I had some reading and spelling to get stuck into with Liam when I got in. (I wurked hard and aim doin kwite well now).

Expect to hear more teatime transmissions from Bosley Cloud through the summer.

And is there anyone else out there that worked M3RXX and/or 2E0BAX on Sunday?

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…and a couple of days later,

I called CQ and immediately got calls from G3CWI and G4NGV. Then it was
2E0BKW, GW0DSP and GW7AAV. Another call produced what sounded like the
beginnings of a pile-up, led by a station ending ‘TT’.

Tango Tango was Paul GW0WTT who refused to speak to Mike GW0DSP and I for few minutes because we got the chaser point and he didn’t. Mike was very concerned that you had fallen off the mountain. Having been up the Cloud I wasn’t quite so worried. I thought you had dropped and broken the radio, slipped off the trig point or been mauled by a escaped wild cat. We were all relieved when we read that the battery was flat.

73 Steve GW7AAV

Phew, to say I was worried was an understatement !!! The last we heard from you Tom, was that you were standing on the trig, enabling Steve to work you, then silence.
Thanks for spotting about the flat batteries, I wouldn’t have slept.



No, I was stood on the BASE of the trig point. I did say this at the time! Have a look at some photos of the trig on G/SP-015, on my website

(click on ‘SOTA’ in the left-hand pane) and you will see that I wasn’t in danger! I am rubbish with heights, and you actually wouldn’t ever get me to stand on top of a trig point! Our Liam once did on Nine Standards Rigg though!

I have now emailed Greg M3RXX with the ‘auto-recover’ of his activation log, based on contributions above and chaser logs on the Database. Hopefully he, and maybe Sean 2E0BAX will appear in the tables shortly. Thanks for the help everyone.

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Tom sorry i dont know what happened, lets call it a senior moment! i should have sent the following.
15/04/2007. 1337 2e0bax/p Sean on sp015.

thats right now. time would be utc.

73 de Bill G4KKI