New activator would appreciate a few calls tomorro

Hi All,

Im a new SOTA activator, in fact tomorrow will be my first. I will be on Rombalds Moor NP-018 sometime between 10:00 - 13:00 tomorrow (actual time depends on what detours i take!) as part of my training for the three peaks in late september.

I will only have 2m FM with me, from an Alinco DJ-F1 handheld, using a base loaded 1/2w telescopic whip. Not ideal i know but the activation will be secondary to my time trials across the moor.

Hopefully however i will make the required 4x QSOs

Look forward to hearing from you chaps!

Martin G7MRV

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Hi Martin,

Good luck with your activation. Rombald’s Moor (NP-028, BTW) is a bit of a funny spot, It seems to be an RF black hole. I have on occaisons worked all over from this place, but mostly heard nothing!

Roger G4OWG is probably the easier chaser to contact from here, the path seems very good to his QTH.

I’ll take my Handheld to work and see if I can hear you during my lunch break (I work in Saltaire).


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Thanks Colin, well, we can only try!

if its an RF blackhole, well thats probably the least wierd thing people think about the place! Although i certainly dont believe any of the stuff about UFOs or ghosts (and i particularly like the folklore of the area).

Saltaire should be easy enough though, and ive alerted the chaps i work with to listen out (i work at Emley Moor), so with any luck i’ll scrape the necessary four QSOs

I’ll be on the moor very early, but wont go on-air until at least 10:00 to conserve battery power. If i decide to visit various other archological sites i may delay until 12:00, depending on. And depending on the weather of course!

oh, and thanks for the correction on the summit reference! I know its 28, yet for some reason today everytime ive put it down ive written 18! no idea why

Martin G7MRV

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As Colin says it can be an RF black hole.
But you could try fishing for locals - there are usually a couple on 145.400 and
the Barnsley net on 145.425. Also your not far from GB3TP so might be able to drag someone off there to work simplex.
Sorry will be working in Leeds in the morning and not home until 14:00 bst.
Hopefully you will get your four.

Roger G4OWG

In reply to G4OWG:

well, i tried it and it worked!

Was on the moor by 07:30 local! but it took me until 10 to explore the eastern end of the moor thoroughly,avoided being shot by the grouse shoot and then i had 15min or so at the summit while i brewed up before starting!

I’d been warned it might be tough, and indeed it proved to be, however, a little luck (and i’ll shyly admit a fair ammount of assistance in the background!) and i managed the required four QSOs. All of which were great contacts in their own right. Not too bad really for a 3w handheld and a ‘super-rod-2’ 1/2w telescopic whip!

So with the activation done, i spent the rest of the day exploring the moor, looking at cup-marked rocks and worrying about my feet

cant wait for the next one!

Martin G7MRV