New Activator, thank you

As a new activator I must say thank you to the entire community here. Today was my first summit and I had a absolute blast. It was nice to get back under a rucksack again. It is great that this community here exists. Thank you.

Today I didn’t summit the biggest mountain in our area (Smokey Mountains) but considering my current fitness level I am very happy with how the day went. I discovered some great panoramic views of the Tennessee Valley and made 6 contacts. I look forward to my next summit.


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Welcome John :sunglasses:

Mike G6TUH

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This can become addictive. You have been warned!

73, Heinz, OE5EEP

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Welcome aboard John and welcome to the community. From your QRZ entry it looks like you are a helicopter pilot. You didn’t happen to fly up to your first summit did you (hi)?

73, Larry DL8VKO

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Welcome to SOTA activation! As others have said, this can get very addictive.


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I wasn’t the pilot, Although I do have a pilots license. I was the guy who fast roped or parachuted from them. I was stationed with the 3rd Ranger Batt. and the 101st Airborne. Of course that has been a few years.

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Welcome aboard!

I started very slowly myself as well, and have progressed all the way to moderaterly slowly today

Looking forward to working you summit to summit one day