new 2xMG ~ John ~ KN4LRI

John KN4LRI earned his 2xMG today on W4G/NG-031 Glassy Mountain
congratulations John


Congratulations John!!

Ken w4kac

Thankyou Thankyou
It was a fun day today

Thankyou Thankyou
It was a fun day today

Congratulations! Glad to have been your 4th contact! You also put me over the top for 2x Sloth.

Congratulations** Congratulations**
It is Great when things like work out

Congratulations John. Outstanding work especially considering that a majority of your contacts were on 2 m. Good luck on hiking your way to the next thousand points.

Congratulations, John!

Thanks for all the contacts.

73, Walt

That’s a LOT of FOGs traipsing up and down summits! Congratulations on reaching the next level. Keep on Keeping On! Dean ~ K2JB

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Congratulations John! Bob AC1Z


73’s john