Nevada's highest - Boundary Peak W7N/EM-001

I am at the start of of my SOTA journey and have a little web site to captures a few activation highlights.

My jaunt up to 13,140ft might make for an interesting read …

Paul W6PNG


Thoroughly enjoyed reading that report Paul, great stuff. One day we hope to get over and do some activations in the USA. In fact we’re just discussing as a family this morning doing some planning for a US trip. Could be New York, could be San Francisco, but I think Nevada or Arizona are favourites at the moment.


2016 will be the 100 yr celebration of the US National Parks Service (NPS). There will be a lot of events in our Parks during the year, most notable will be a SOTA-like radio operating event called “National Parks on the Air” (NPOTA) sponsored by the ARRL and the NPS. This will be a year-long operating “challenge” event, similar to the 2014 ARRL Challenge which netted some 5.5 million qsos and over 22,000 unique participants.

There are over 2000 SOTA-qualified summits in the some 420+ NPS-controlled lands. I have been working with the ARRL to insure “SOTA compatibility” with their effort. The ARRL recognizes that “SOTA will be an important component of the 2016 Challenge”. Expect the ARRL news release mid-October about the new Challenge.

Here’s a couple of great links to assist in your plans:

Have fun planning! 73, Guy/n7un

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