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Need some help with some antenna tests

I had intended heading off to a summit today to test out new / repaired antennas prior to Saturdays S2S event. I am however, not feeling 100% well and will test the equipment simply portable from a location in the open fields a little way away from here in JN58la and would appreciate some reports on the different antennas on different bands. I intend testing 15, 17, 20 & 40m. Two antennas on 20m.

I hope to be on the air from about 1300 UTC for 30 minutes and will post a note here to this reflector thread as to what frequency I am testing on as I cannot use the SOTAWatch spots as this will not be a summit activation, just tests.

Thanks in adavance for anyone willing to help.

73 Ed DD5LP.

Ed, I know you don’t use CW but if you were to send CW TEST DE DD5LP you could look later on at the RBN logs to see how things were heard.

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Or FT8 and then you can analyse to your hearts content when you get home using PSK Reporter.

Thanks for the suggestiuons guys - WSPR would be another option, but as I wanted to test my set-up as I plan to have it on Saturday, I wont be doing digital modes, not even the original one.

As it has turned out, I’m feeling worse as the day goes on, so I’m going to have to cancel this test as well and just hope that:
A. I’m fit again by Saturday
B: that all the gear works.

Can someone with the correct level of access please delete (or close) this thread from the reflector - thanks

73 Ed.

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