Need help requesting LOTW certificate for HB9/ and F/ SOTA operations

I’d like to upload to LotW the logs for my HB9/ and F/ SOTA activations. So in LotW I need certificates for HB9/PA7MDJ/P and F/PA7MDJ/P. My requests however received an automated response saying:

Certificate requests for portable call signs (/) must be signed.
If you do not have a certificate for the primary call sign, get that certificate first.
**Your certificate request contains error(s); please correct and resubmit.

I tried again for both callsigns without the /P, but again I got the same automated response.

My primary LotW callsign is PA7MDJ and I do have a certificate for this callsign.

Anybody who can lead me in the right direction to request certificates for the HB9/ and F/ callsigns?

73 de PA7MDJ

Have you already researched this at the ARRL site?

Yes, I did, but I failed to find the help I need.

Have you tried to get a cert for PA7MDJ/P - if not then try that first. Maybe it can only do one new thing at a time.

73, Colin

For Logbook of the World you need a seperate certificate for your /P callsign and you need to submit your /P log independently of your normal fixed station callsign to accredit your log.

You should contact ARRL via the facility within TQSL and request a new certificate for PA7MDJ/P.

You also mention HB9 and F /P operations, in which case you need to apply for F/PA7MDJ/P and HB9/PA&MDJ/P certificates also.

LoTW is structured around DXCC countries so operation from different countries as well as /P operation have to be seperated from each other.

73 Phil

No, that’s exactly what you can’t do.

You have to use the facility within TQSL to request an additional certificate, so that the request is signed with the primary certificate. The request is checked to see that the additional callsign is a plausible variant of the original.

Martyn M1MAJ

Thank you for correcting my mistake Martyn - I should have known better… my post is now edited

73 Phil

I already have a certificate for PA7MDJ/P. My primary certificate is for PA7MDJ. I know about requesting the certificates within TQSL. I know I have to submit logs independently and separately. I also know about station locations.

I just want to add a certificate for the callsigns HB9/PA7MDJ/P and F/PA7MDJ/P so that I can submit the logs for my SOTA operations from these DXCCs. But obviously I’m doing something wrong, because when I request the certificate (with the normal procedure within TQSL) I get the automated response as quoted in my original post above. I get the same response when ommitting the /P.

Image1 Image2

Did you fill in the start date? It’s not shown in your screenshot.

Yes, I did. This was just an example. I know what I did wrong. I failed to tick the correct option in the screen below. I thought this should be the callsign I wanted to authenticate the new request with, so in my request I ticked the first option. Obviously I did it correctly previously in requesting the PA7MDJ/P certificate, but probably I was more awake then :slight_smile: Problem solved. Thanks to all for replying to my post.

73 de PA7MDJ



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