Need help in Czech Republic

The next three days I’ll be in the OK land. On Friday or Saturday, I have to find a shop in the capitol Prague, where they can fix my antenna feeder, which has been missing a BNC connector since my last activation in Hungary. Can somebody familiar with the city please suggest a shop?
Also, I would appreciate if somebody could recommend two 10-point sota summits, one in OK and one in DM association, that could be visited and activated in a 4- or 5-hour period. I’ve been thinking about OK/PL-003 and DM/BM-028, but cannot find info about any marked trail between the two…
Any info would be useful and appreciated.

I am not from Prague (my QTH is Plzen), but the BNC connector in Prague should be available for example at GES electronic or at GM electronic or ELIX
About the SOTAs: to OK/PL-003 is access denied, the DM/BM-028 is nice look-out summit. The ascent from the Czech side you can start from the village Hamry It takes about 2hours up, because you start at 580m ASL. From the German side you can start at the parking “auf dem Sattel” near Lam and it is easier, about 1 hour and you start at 950m. ASL

Easy two 10-points summits in this area are for example OK/PL-013 and OK/PL-010

73, Pavel OK1MCS

Hello Pavel. Thank you for your help. I have a few more questions, but would like to use PM’s to discus them. If it’s OK with you, of course.
Thanks again. 73!

Hello Zoran, yes, write me personal message or email (mycall) at Unfortunately I will be available only today until late evening.

73 an enjoy our OK country!