Need chaser help during mass activation of HB/GL-016

On Sunday August 14, the Swiss SOTA Group HB9SOTA will be organizing a club activation of Ortstock HB/GL-016. There will be at least six of us (HB9BIN HB9DST HB9CBR HB9AFH HB9EDU HB9BQB) on the summit. We are spending Saturday night at an alpine hut (Berggasthaus Glattalp), and our hike to the summit Sunday morning will take between 3 and 3.5 hours.

I expect that the first ops will get on the air somewhere between 09:00 to 10:00 UTC. If propagation is poor, we might struggle to have enough QSOs for everyone to qualify the summit. Thus, even if you work one of us and get points for the summit, please monitor the SOTA frequencies and if you hear that another op is struggling to get the necessary contacts, please make a QSO with him, too.

Looking forward to working many of you.


We will look for all of you.
Distance is about 100 km.
Will you try 145.225 / FM also ?

Cu on SOTA
Mike, dj5av - JN47pt

Hi Mike,

I can’t speak for all the ops, but at least half will not have 2m rigs with them.

Thanks for the support!

Hello Paul

09:45 to 10:15 UTC , during my lunch break i will be qrv on 145:500 with handy, 5w and 1/4 Antenne.
From Railway-Station Langenthal, maybe it is to long distance, but i’m there.

Wish you a nice activation.

vy 73 Hans, HB9BQU

Pro memoria:
3.5-7-14-21-28 MHz bands will be heavily used by participants of WAE contest.
gl have fun

Hi Paul,
will wait for you all.
Have fun and dont drink to much before the hike… :wink:
Afterwards you could take a break at Cafe Uhu with the biggest
Merengues mit Rahm in HB9-land :blush:
the others may can see you here:

Hi Fritz,
Thanks to all the chasers who helped the HB9SOTA group today, and especially you, Fritz, for your spots in trying to keep everyone informed about who was the op at any given time. We all qualified the summit, and we all returned safe and sound to some cold drinks!

Hi Paul,

congrats on your fb team-activation and glad I have met and helped you.
I know the scenery quite well, was on holiday in Braunwald when I was 6 years old (or young) for the first time and had many hikes around Ortstock with my dad HB9RE in the 70s :wink:

Have a good week and vy73

I worked Jürg, HB9BIN/p with really good 589 sign. QRG was busy, many chasers on air, so no worry about lack of qsos
Tnx for the points.

73, Franz