Need Alert Translation

It’s probably obvious, but I’m still not getting it and I’ve seen it multiple times - but I don’t know what it means.

In alerts, that use XXX in summit designation (which I understand means multiple summits or still deciding on summit) I see:

S-3 S+4

What does this mean?

It’s when you’re doing multiple summits and CW expecting to use the RBN Network + RBN-Hole for spotting.
It tells the linking s/w approximately when to spot you on a that hill (or not at all)… using a time-frame.

Richard // N2GBR

Search google for my callsign and RBNHole for a full guide.

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SWEET! That looks really cool. I printed out the guide, I’ll read it tonight after work.

I guess I need to move learning CW up in my priority list.

Especially useful for multiple activations in a day so you will be spotted correctly. de N1FJ