Nearly there!

I note from the database that congratulations are pending for avid chaser ON3WAB for Shack Sloth. Well done Peter!

73, Gerald G4OIG

Many a true word said in jest Mick. It is looking like Belgium will have an association in the not too distant future!

I should also be pointed out that ON3WAB is also SWL ONL5923, and has amassed a large block of points in the SWL table.

In reply to G4OIG:

Well done Peter, not sure if you are there yet or just need that single point. Thank you for my 60m-ssb reports/spots and for our contacts on 40m.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP

Ahhh crums, tnx guys for the nice comments. GW0DSP/p pulled me to the 1000 points mark this afternoon, thank you Mike ! The last 100 points have been the most difficult sofar :). Started collecting seriously from 21 jan 2007 after I contacted Steve G1INK/P who opened my SOTA eyes in december last year.

A few stats for those interested:

My working conditions: Icom 703, 10 watts out - HF6V vertical and full size G5RV.
I made 205 QSO with 59 activators from 12 DXCC countries. Topactivators were DF2GN/p - G1INK/P - DL2DXA/P - DH8DX/P. But I have to thank all those who pulled me out of the pile-ups.
81% were CW qso and 19% in SSB.
99% of the contacts were on 40m, the rest on 20, 30 and 80M.

As stated in the database SOTA is not a race. My goal was to be the first Shack Sloth from Belgium and I am very proud to have achieved that. Now I can slow down and relax (I’ve been told this might not be that easy?)

I had not much competition to become first ON SS but with the ON sota coming up this might change. Don’t get your hopes up too high though, we have only 8 summits. The smallest is at 30 miles from my QTH and if the time is right I will try to activate some.