NE4TN NEW Super Slouth in W4T

Congrats to NE4TN ( Walt) who just achieved 10,000 Chaser Points and is
now the New Super Sloth in W4T)
Congrats Walt Great Job.
Dow (W4DOW)

In reply to W4DOW:
Thanks Dow and thanks Etienne K7ATN for the final 2 points I needed to reach 10K. Walt NE4TN

In reply to NE4TN:
Great Job Walt. I wont be to far behind you.
My gold is to be first and only Super Sloth in W4V
Now too long now… Great job.

In reply to W4DOW:
Good job Walt and congrats on 10K chaser points. Keep on having fun.

In reply to W4DOW:
How to go Walt (congrats)…thanks for the many Chases…Keep it going!


In reply to W4DOW:
Only 18 super sloths in North America; a small club, indeed. Good going, Walt.

Elliott, K6EL

In reply to W4DOW:
Congrats Walt, Knew you were very close. You had good ears today because conditions were rough here in Pa. with all the local storms. All the best and have a fine day! 72 de Scotty KG3W

Isn’t chasing fun?!! Congratulations, Walt and keep going.
Martha W0ERI

Thanks for all the well wishes! And thanks to all the dedicated Activators that make SOTA possible. See you all in the pileups. 73, (and 72) Walt NE4TN