NE4TN 100,000 Chaser Points

Walt, NE4TN, has slipped over the 100,000 chaser point hurdle. Please join me in congratulating him on an outstanding job!

Ron, NR3E :hiking_boot:


Great accomplishment, Walt. Congratulations.
73, Charlie - K0LAF

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Good golly Miss Molly that’s a lotta points! Well done Walt. I always enjoy your calls.
Scott nz4r

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Congratulations, Walt, and THANK YOU for all the chases! Always great to get you in the log.

Michael N4DCW

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Congratulations Walt quite a accomplisment

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Outstanding Walt. I know that takes a lot of time in front of a radio to achieve. Keep on chasing as people look for their regular chasers to work them often.

Gary A. - W0MNA



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Congrats Walt!

Seth N4XTT

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Congratulations Walt. I can always hear you in there in the chases.

That’s a lot of chasin. Congratulations Walt!

Awesome accomplishment! Congrstulations to you Walt, and thank you for the calls. Always a plasure to have you on the log.

Congratulations Walt on achieving 100,000 chaser points.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations Walt on this huge accomplishment.


A fine accomplishment, Walt! Thanks for all the times you have chased me!

Andy, N4LAG

Way to go, Walt. Always good to hear you chasing SOTA and POTA.
73 Gary

Congrats! de WI5D

Congratulations Walt, I always appreciate hearing your beautiful callsign in my ear phone.
Eric VA2EO

Congrats, Walt, on 100K. That is a lot of “sloths” in one shack! I have worked you on almost all of my activations. 73 Gary

Very impressive and thanks for a lot of badly needed chases!

100,000 Chaser points? Jumping Jehovah what an accomplishment! Thanks for the many, many chases. I always pencil NE4TN in the log and only wait and add the time. Dean ~ K2JB

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