ND7Y's W7O campout summary

First, to Amy (AG7GP), thank you so much for all your efforts in making this event happen. It was an absolutely amazing weekend!

On Friday, I joined N7KOM, K7WXW, and W7MTB to hike Mt. Bailey (W7O/CS-004), my highest summit hiked yet (I have done W7O/CS-001 which is higher, but that is a near-drive-up). Thanks to those guys for encouraging me, and not leaving me (completely) behind :smiley: PS, I’m still waiting on those 5-star reviews to show up on my Uber profile…

On Saturday, N6ARA and W7MTB joined me for some more relaxed summits. Drive-up or near-drive-up. We did Cinnamon Butte (W7O/CS-055), Elephant Mountain (W7O/CS-080), Bunker Hill (W7O/CS-090) and Kelsay Mountain (W7O/CS-077).

Myself, N6ARA, and if you look real close, W7MTB is just visible in the background, on Cinnamon Butte

Sunday, I teamed up with K3GX and KL7QT to hike Mt. Scott first thing in the morning. This hike was an absolute dream after Mt. Bailey. just over 2 miles to the top, and only 1200 feet of gain. Fantastic views from the top, and a nice breeze. Mt. Scott then became my highest-hiked summit at 8953ft.

After Mt. Scott, I proceeded over to Hillman Peak. My only solo summit of the whole trip, and while short, also the trickiest ascent. The view from the tiny summit was absolutely fantastic!

All-told, the W7O campout brought me 7 new summits, 42 activator points, 236 s2s points.


Great photos and write up, Tyler! Thanks for sharing your shade and Saison at camp. And yes 5 stars on the uber!

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Oh did you make that Saison? Good stuff - thanks for sharing! If your travels ever find you in Washington DC, please look me up and I will share some of my homebrew (that goes for anyone reading this).


It was so great to meet you! That Saison was LEGIT!!! I owe you a couple of growlers =)