NARSA Rally - Blackpool

The NARSA Rally (Northern Amateur Radio Societies Association) take place in Blackpool on April 21 2024 and SOTA will, as usual, have a stand.

If you are attending, and would like merchandise or Awards available to collect there, we are offering postage free shipping to Blackpool which could offer significant savings on purchases. Royal Mail are having an enormous price hike on April 2 which might influence your decision!

This offer is only open to people attending the rally so is limited to UK buyers (if you plan to attend from overseas contact me and I will make special arrangement for your discount).

This is how it works:
Go to the shopping site ( and order whatever merchandise and/or awards you would like
Proceed to checkout where you will be prompted for a discount code
Enter NARSA_2024 as the discount code and click “Apply” and a confirmation will pop up
The shipping cost does NOT change at this point
Proceed to the checkout & payment option and you will find that the postage has bee reduced to zero
Checkout and pay as normal

Your order will be shipped to Blackpool for collection, we will not ship it anywhere else
The code will only function until the end of March, orders placed after then will have shipping charged as usual.


I’m bumping this back to the top to give anyone who wants to save on postage a final chance.

Orders need to be made by 15th March.

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